Welcome Soldier!

Soldier, Here Is Our Coordinates

Keep Up With Your Squad!

Be sure to visit our Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube Channel to keep up with the latest intel for the battlefield. Once you visit, be sure to keep that page handy! Lock and Load Soldier!
Soldier, Meet My Squad!
Meet my squad. My name is Nuke and I have a full battlion with me.
Epic, Mister Epic, Disco, Black Widow, Smasher, Chris, Giddy, and many more!
Our Target!
We aim to put a smile on everyones face! Our passion is gaming and we want to share that with everyone. We are a Army spreading our influence around the World!
  1. The Future In Gaming
  2. You are so talented, thank you for everything.
    Charles Morgan
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    Ann Thornberry